Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 01

Although we have visited KL for many times, this was the first time we reached the Skybridge of KLCC.

It started on a Tuesday morning, we woke up very early (around 6am) to rush to the train station.  We were told to get our tickets as early as possible to prevent disappointment.  We reached the ticket counter at about 6:45am, but we were surprised that there were at least 100+ people in front of us in the queue.  We waited there for more than 2 hours for our turn to get the tickets.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 02

There is a daily visitor limit to go up the tower, either 1000 or 1300 tickets are issued per day (from different source).  The ticket was free many years ago, but now we have to pay RM 3 for each ticket to reach the skybridge (41st floor, 170 meters from ground).

We have another option with extra charges to reach the observation deck on the top floor (80th+ floor, 375 meters), but the tickets were all sold out.  Next time, we might need to queue at 5am to get the tickets to the top floor.

There are other packages as well, with RM 350, you can enjoy your lunch in a restaurant somewhere in the tower.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 03

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 04
There are 88 floors on each tower.  With the skybridge, both towers are linked at the 41st floor and the 42nd floor.  The lower level of the skybridge (41st floor) is for visitors, whereas the upper floor is for the tenants.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 05

This is how the skybridge looks like from the outside of the towers.  On the skybridge, we cannot see the KL tower, because it is blocked by one of the towers.  The same thing happens at KL tower, the KLCC skybridge is not visible at the KL Tower as well.

We were allowed to take photos and viewing the scenery on the skybridge for about 15 minutes.  However, food is not allowed there.  But we found someone eating there.  The staff might have ‘closed one eye’ about it.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 06

Our tour was not ended after we went down with the super speed lift.  There is a small exhibition room to tell more about the towers.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 07

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 08
This machine simulates the vibration on the top floor of a tall building.  It seems like mini earthquakes.  Sit on the chair and press the button, you will be able to feel it.  We can choose other buildings as well.

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 09
Another machine which can sense your height and calculate how many times of your height are compared to the twin tower.  It is not accurate.  My height was only 0.95 meter or 95 cm !?!

Visited Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) Skybridge 10
This is the simulation of a thunder strike onto the twin tower.

Coming up next, I will show you the scenery and the artistic building structures taken on the skybridge.