Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 01

Colin and SiewPeng wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Da Ji Da Li, Gong Xi Fa Cai. ¬†ūüėÄ

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 02

This year the Chinese horoscope  (for the year) is Rabbit.

The big white cat statue at Padungan, Kuching is decorated in the most beautiful way.  If you are in Kuching, Malaysia NOW, do not forget to take a shot with the cat.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 03

I believe this time the city council has put in a lot of effort to decorate it.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 04

The cat is wearing Chinese traditional cloth, and a Chinese style cap.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 05

It is also holding a row of firecracker, and the words – “ZhaoCaiJinBao” which means “attracting prosperity“.

Next to the cat, there is a big bunch of “MeiHua” or plum blossom (similar to but not Sakura) telling people that the cold of the winter is going to the end and the spring is coming soon.

In China or Taiwan, Chinese New Year is also called “ChunJie” which means the Festival of Spring.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 06

This year, the size of the decoration is larger.

While we were taking photos here, we saw someone who looked like a reporter stepped a fews step back until he stood in the middle of the road in order to take photos of the cat.  Later, he even checked his photo on his camera while he was standing in a busy flowing traffic.  He did not even notice a car pass by just a few inches from him.  Luckily nothing happen.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 07

Everything is perfectly done, except the lighting problem.  Some bulb are burned out and have not replaced.  The spot light in front of the cat is dimmer than usual.

While I was busy setting up tripod in front of the cat, the MBKS (city council) Mayor Р Mr. James Chan was also there but quite a distance away.  I thought he would come near by and check on the cat, then I would like to take a photo with him.  But he just stood across the road and started pointing his finger.  I guess he was directing his staffs to correct something around that area.

Before I had a chance to tell him that MBKS has done a good job except the lighting, he has left.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 08

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 09

Tiny Lanterns.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 10

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - 11

We found a new decoration on the lamppost. ¬†This is the “CaiShen” the The God of prosperity. ¬†Other Chinese New Year lamppost decoration can be found here.

Let’s compare the previous year decoration on this cat. – 2009, 2010.


The above is a scheduled post, because I set it to be publish at 12am sharp on Chinese New Year, when firecracker can be seen everywhere, and its sound can be hear in the middle of the night.

By the time this post appear, we will be at a quieter place РPerth.  Yes, we are not in Kuching again during Chinese New Year.  I will update this blog if I have Internet access there.

Happy Chinese New Year.  :)