Kuching Waterfront Fountain - Part 4 - Light Off 01

One of the pools became my special target as it hasn’t got a light switched on.  I wonder why the person-in-charge do not repair it until now.  It might have bulb burned out / there is a permanent electrical damage.  I hope someone involve in tourism can tell me the reason.

Anyway, the fountain in my photo appear in white, at the same time, the pool appear black / dark.

Kuching Waterfront Fountain - Part 4 - Light Off 02

The background is the famous Kuching Court House.  Look at the picture above carefully, I can’t cropped away the hawker selling things at both sides of the fountain.

Plastic Dragonfly

Recently there are many hawkers selling plastic dragonfly which can be shot into the sky and it drops slowly.  I don’t know what it is called, so I gave it a name called plastic dragonfly.  It come with a tiny blue light.

If there were many people playing it, one of the sellers will announce the party time, where he shout, “Ready, 1, 2, 3!!!”  and everybody with the plastic dragonfly in their hands will release and shoot it into the dark sky near the fountain.  It really looked nice.  This toy not only attract kids, but also adults; it also attract foreign visitors, besides the locals.

The hawkers also sell other things mostly for decorations.

Kuching Waterfront Fountain - Part 4 - Light Off 03

Kuching Waterfront Fountain - Part 4 - Light Off 04

All these photos are taken with 15 seconds (max on my camera), but they were still under exposed.  The lighting is mainly from the square tower next to it where the white light from the building reflect onto the fountain.

Kuching Waterfront Fountain - Part 4 - Light Off 05
I like this pattern because it shows that the water is really dancing in dress.  The dress seems semi transparent.  😛

I will update in the comment section below if I discover that the “musical” fountain has been repair.  You can tell me too if you discover it first.  Now what we can do is to wait. … …  Why not let the visitors donate some money and make all the fountains work properly (all light on + music)?