Laptop that I won’t Buy 02

I mentioned this months ago, and now I have got its pictures.

I was provided with this laptop to do my work.  The “Fn” and “Ctrl” keys are located at the wrong position for me.  Since it is non-standard to the keyboard I usually use, I still always press the wrong key.  Or after I have got used to this keyboard, I press the wrong button on most of other keyboards which have the “Ctrl” button at the corner.

When I am looking for a laptop / notebook, besides the performance and functionality, the first thing I look into its design will be the keyboard layout.

Laptop that I won’t Buy 01

I have been working long hours with this laptop, sometimes when it runs on high processor utilization mode ( eg.  antivirus running, copying files, processing picture files etc.), the hot air will come out from the vent hole.

It is blowing directly to my wrist and forearm.  I have to cover it with something to redirect the hot air.

If you use your laptop occasionally,  you won’t feel it.  But I am working with it for long hours and almost every day.

Another design layout if I were to buy a new laptop would be the USB ports position.  Some laptop really have illogical position of USB port where it blocks the Optical Drive (eg. DVD-RW), and disturbs my mouse movement.

Basically, I do not want anything on the right side, where I want my mouse to move freely.