The Sun Will Shine

‘Hi, Siew Peng!’

‘Hi, Teacher Jock Eng!’

The other day, my colleague and I greeted each other when we met at the staff room.  The first thought that struck my mind was, hey, our names actually rhymed!  While the thought still lingered around my imaginative world of rhyming words, my colleague went on and said, ‘I want a drink.’, as she was holding a cup and a packet of those instant coffee powder.

The moment this sentence popped out of her mouth, my thoughts started to wander around my imaginative world, trying so eagerly to look for something to rhyme.  It was actually after break time for my class and I have just cleaned the class and emptied the rubbish bin, I was washing my hands and all of a sudden, I said, ‘I am washing my hands at the sink.’.

So, it became,

‘Hi, Siew Peng!’
‘Hi, Teacher Jock Eng!’

‘I want a drink.’
‘I am washing my hands at the sink.’

Haha!  How brilliant could that be?  We both laughed! 😀  What an interesting way to greet someone and even carry on a conversation!  Can you imagine what would it be like if people are actually rhyming what they are saying to each other?  Even when they are in a fight?  Take this for example,

‘I don’t want to see you anymore!
You make my life so bitter and sore!’

‘Well, you think I like to put up with you?
Try putting yourself in my shoes!’

I think if they go on like this, they will end up laughing.  Hey!  This is not a bad idea to solve conflicts huh?  As they are thinking about words to rhyme, they might even slowly forget about what they were fighting about initially!  Not bad at all! 😀

Recently, I came across a movie which I watched many years ago.  It is called ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  Have you heard of it or watched it before?  There is one particular line that I find quite meaningful, it sounds like this, ‘hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things…’.  And I agree.  How about you?  Therefore, I would like to start something with this line and hope to get some rhyming lines from the readers of!  Here goes…

Hope is a good thing,
Maybe the best of things.

Sometimes, the road ahead is rough,
But with hope, we can survive and be tough!

Alright then!  I am throwing this to everyone out there now!  What are you waiting for?  Find the words and let’s rhyme!!! 😀