Journey Restarted

The photo above was the last photo we posted in 2013, and now it is the first photo to start our new journey.

If you have visited our blog years ago, do you still remember we called ourselves nature lovers? Yes, SiewPeng and Colin are inspired by all the beautiful things in the nature. We have decided to rebuild after it was hacked 4 years ago because we want continue sharing many of our beautiful and memorable moments with everyone especially our family and friends.

We are not actively posting on Facebook, and we prefer to put our contents in a self-hosted website. Anyway, we have just started to put beautiful photos (all taken by ourselves) on Instagram, please follow us on Instagram @colinjong.

We are going to rebuild our blog, while adding new posts, we will select some of the interesting old posts which had been hacked and restore them bit by bit.

At this moment, you can see that this website is empty except this post and the Gallery, do click on Gallery to view more photos. And more photos are on the way.

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